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i dont know what to do can u help praxis game?

a very powerful game. I loved it!

The concept of turning the player himself into a thinkless machine that executes orders is a very interesting experience. However on the gameplay side I agree with previous comment that the game really needs a fast forward feature, at least on the last days when there is nothing much to do. anyway congrat's on this entry.

Loved how well this was tied to real world concepts with a strong call-to-action. Would have liked a "fast forward" feature on the day, though. :)

That's a really good idea--we'll look into it! Thanks for the feedback :)


We added a 'Log Off' button that will skip to the next day. Once again, thanks for the great suggestion! :)

Hit the same bug as Naturalbeta (it occurred toward the end of Day 2), looking forward to the fix so we can play through to the end. I'm a huge fan of Papers, Please and repetitive action... and a huge opponent of Leitch and her ilk so this game is perfect for me! :)

(Also a thing that's niggling at me is that "Security" is misspelled in the banner image)

Oof, that's a pretty prominent typo. Thanks for catching that! :)

Really good game, but I did encounter a bug. I finished grading a test but when I hit evaluate and archive, it kept saying pending, and any other test I opened after that the test answers would be at the top, and the new test would be attached at the bottom.


Sorry about that. We'll look into it and try to put together a fix. Thanks for taking the time to let us know! :)